The #MegaPainting

You’ve probably seen the hashtags all over my Facebook and Twitter feeds for the “mega painting.” I stepped out of my comfort zone and set a personal record for my largest painting to date!

paintedbykb_megapainting_lekoSure, the 24″ x 36″ canvas may not seem like a huge size… But for me, it’s a big deal when the largest size I’ve ever worked on was 16″ x 20″!

The “mega canvas” sat tucked in the corner of my art studio for, I’m shamed to say, almost 8 years! I went through a period after graduating college that I didn’t paint. Life just got in the way, I started working…you know how it goes!

After meeting my now husband, I talked a lot about how much I’ve missed painting, how much I enjoyed it and wished I could get reinspired. He took me to a local art supply store and bought me new paints and canvases, hoping this would help spark the interest. I was apprehensive when he purchased that “mega canvas”, and he just reassured me that in time I’ll do something great with it.

The space was daunting, and I think I drew ideas on it thousands of times. All that real estate made me nervous because I was so used to working on smaller surfaces with tiny little brushes, working through the smallest of details to my perfection. Working on something larger was fun! I bought a set of large brushes and even had to stand to work. I really got into it!

The ‘mega painting’ now rests perfectly on my living room wall. It’s the first painting you see when you enter my house now. I love it! I’m already aiming to do more ‘mega paintings’ in the future.. even BIGGER than this one!







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