The WWII Airplane

WWII airplane - painting - Painted by KBMy brother loves history and anything to do with airplanes. He found a WWII airplane painting that he absolutely loved and asked me to do a recreation of it.

The original painting by R.T. Horvath, pictured to the right, is of the 395th FS Thunderbolt on the approach to Chilbolton Air Base in England. We made some of our own modifications to the piece, like he had me change the coloring of plane so it stood out more against the grayish sky.

WWII airplane - painting - Painted by KB

This piece turned out pretty awesome, especially for never having attempted to paint a plane before!



  • Kelly,

    You have such a talent! I totally love these!

    Your paintings are so refreshing and comforting, they make me want to fall into them like I’m Mary Poppins falling into one of Burt’s chalk art…a world I want to explore and experience.

    Now, I really want to pack a bag and start traveling and see the countryside!

    I can’t wait to see more! Say HI to Leko for me.


  • Awww thanks HP! I love that I’m getting back into the swing of painting again, and its so much fun to share them with everyone! You’ll have to start a little Painted By KB collection, I could be famous someday! lol 😛

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